Infinity / Convertible dresses

Infinity dresses have been a popular bridesmaids dress this season, they are so flattering, can be worn in a multitude of styles, fit any size easily and are an affordable stylish option especially if you have lots of bridesmaids! Also a great design for dancing or any occasion dress.

It is a very simple classic design made from very stretchy fabric that is cut with raw (unfinished) edges that do not fray. The dress is basically a circular skirt sewn onto a waistband with two very long straps that wrap around the bodice to create many different styles.

My price to make up the classic knee length version is $45 - I know, its super cheap! but bear in mind that these frocks use a lot of fabric so fabric costs are often more than the dressmaking. I also offer bandeau's  (boob tubes) for $20 to provide extra coverage for some of the wrapping styles.  I can make up a full length version with either a circular skirt or A line one for $55 / $60 for added gathers into the skirt at the waistband.

For more pictures do a quick Google search - this classic style has exploded all over the internet recently and if you would like more information from me about fabric types, prices and amounts please email me at


  1. What particular dressmaking fabrics are you using? Your price is really affordable perfect for those couple who are in tight budget, I was wondering are you also creating wedding gowns?

    1. Hi, You can choose any fabric that is 150cm wide and stretchy both ways. It can be cotton lycra, viscose jersey, nylon lycra, polyester knit or maybe a blend - the most important aspect is that it does not fray or ladder on the cut edges as these dresses are left unhemmed with a raw edge. My clients usually source their fabric themselves but I am happy to assist with that. Fabric costs vary obviously but most of my clients find that including their fabric costs the dresses come to about $110 NZD each. Yes I do make wedding gowns too and day to day do all kinds of dressmaking and alterations from pattern making, reproductions and remakes to designing bridesmaids frocks and wedding dresses. Feel free to email me for more info at

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